Product recommendation

What can I recomment to you?

All mentioned articles are either used or tested by myself, so I can recommend all of them to you. In case of any question don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

Cooking, Nutrition, Supplements

Nutrition Steamer by Philips – Healthy and fat-free cooking

Mixer by Rosenstein & Söhne – perfect for protein shakes 

Air-tight container – even suitable for sauces and dressings 

Rosenstein & Söhne form for self-made ice cream     

Myprotein Peanutbutter – tasty and healthy!       

Peanut Butter with Chocolate taste – you have to try this one…    

Macadamia nuts – Perfect Snack for to go                

My Bar Zero – tasty low-carb bar       

Protein Bites – a good alternative to normal potato chips            

MCT Oil – perfect pre-workout nutrition             

Lipo 100 Fat Burner – one of the best far burner I’ve tested so far   

Creatin – highly recommended while building muscle mass        

Scietec Whey – tasty and very soluble even in water!                

Vitamins A-Z – highly recommended, especially in a keto diet

Omega 3 – the essential supplement!        

Caliper – for measuring your body fat percentage from home  


Fitness, Clothing und Accessories


adidas Originals ZX Flux, Men Sneakers   

GASP NO1 Mesh Short  

TREN Men COOL Ultra Lightweight   

Today Is A Good Day To Workout – Men Tank Top Shirt

Philips SHE7005A/00 In-Ear phones