training and nutrition

How does the Quick-Fit-Diet work in detail?

The change of the body composition (less fat more muscle) depends primary on the amount of calorie intake resp. utilisation. First step is to determine your need of calories suitable for your goals.

In terms of weight resistance training, we will have quality over quantity, so that each training should not exceed 60-75 minutes. We do not want our body to burn muscle mass for fuel.

What is the critical factor with building muscle mass?

Progressive resistance training is the key factor for building muscle. We need to set a stimulus with each training, in order to activate hypertrophy (muscle growth). We will increase the weight and/or the repetitions step by step. This leads us to the next point.

Training with heavy weights.

Especially beginners should be very carefully here and concentrate on the correct technique first. But once the technique is good, we can benefit from heavy weights in different ways.

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