What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia means feminisation of male breasts and is differentiated between a real (gland) and a pseudo (fat) Gynecomastia. Nearly 50% of male teenager are affected but in most cases it is going back to normal at the age of 20. But in some cases it stays even when you get older.

What can be done against it?

There are so many putative advices which are circulating on the internet. Some say you can reduce gynecomastia by simply train the chest and other s even offering some special pills for it. The sad thing is, that many concerned people are so desperate, that they believe almost everything they hear and forget what these kind of advices are about, they are about the money. Ignorance and frustration are the best precondition to sell a product.

The disillusioning fact is, you can not influence the gland tissue by training harder or eating smarter. You can have short-term improvement by using a compression shirt, but mostly there is no other chance than having a plastic surgery…

But wait! There are of course some alternatives, before you have to visit the surgeon!

What you can expect from me

The good news is, that irrespective of having a real or a pseudo gynecomastia, you will be able to achieve amazing results with my special program. But first we need to clarify which kind of gynecomastia you have, just see the doctor and ask him to check your testosterone and estrogen data. After this I will explain my special gynecomastia training and nutrition plan to you, so that we can get rid of your pseudo gynecomastia or improve the appearance of your real gynecomastia significantly.

I had exactly the same problem, so I can understand how affected people feel. Luckily I know now exactly which exercises are really helpful and how the diet has to be set up for real results.

Just ask for my special gynecomastia-program !