About me

Sport has always played a big role in my life

At the early age of 5 I’ve joined a swimming club and also participate in some competitions. I have also played soccer and basketball for a long time. With 15 years I entered a gym for the first time and had no idea about nutrition and correct training. I just knew that I was unhappy with my bodycomposition and that I wanted to change something. But after two or three months the euphoria was gone…in the next years I went sporadically to the gym but was never able to get any good results.

The beginning

Thanks to the fitness-training, my life has been changed positivly a lot. While starting to watch some YouTube videos about fitness and nutrition four years ago, I would have never thought that this will change my life that sustainable. At this time I had no clear structure in my life, so it was the perfect time for this “new” passion.

I knew it’s going to be different this time

Of course I did not change into a “fitness-freak” from one day to the other, but I realised that I wanted more. Maybe it’s also beause of my antipathy to a life where you work the whole day and have your instant meal in front of the television…day after day after day. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that from time to time, but this has become a normal lifestyle to many people.

The transformation

After being disciplined with my training and nutrition for some time, I experienced the first real results in terms of losing body fat and gaining muscles. At this moment I realised how important it is to set goals and chase them consequently. For instance, at this time I considered to sign up for a part-time bachelor degree. The newly motivation was a great driving force, so that I have signed in and now I am almost finished with my studies. (Weight)-Training is kind of an analogy to life for me. It’s about obstacles in privat and business life or obstacles like a heavy bar which lies on your shoulder in the gym. You can either let this pull you down or you can stand up and do one repetitions more! It’s also about making the right decisions in life and develop a strong will. Once a goal has been set, you need to focus on that goal and don’t let anyone distract you, just because other people do not understand or not willing to understand your goal. It’s about not going to the club every weekend but rather spend time for your goals. With this mindset your personality development has began and you are on the best way to a fulfilled and self-determined future.

This is what I connect to this sport and this is why it has become such a great passion in my life.

My vision

The desire for physically change is often linked to the mental constitution. Only if you pay attention to both areas, you will be able to achieve permanently happiness. I will support you on that way the best I can, so that we are able to achieve your goals. Regardless if its on the scale, in the gym or in other areas of your life.